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Build a Strong Foundation

I have been remiss.  I have not posted a blog in over two months.  It started with the winter blues in February, which then snowballed (so to speak) into a major bummer when my hip started bothering me again, that segued into total stress as I got distracted by craziness in another part of my life. (No, the craziness this time was not Andrea.)  Nothing insurmountable in the big scheme of things, but enough to take my focus and energy away from this blog.  

Although the last couple months were stressful, and I totally fell off the “blog-wagon,” I am pleased and proud to report that I maintained a healthly lifestyle throughout.  My weight has remained stable because I continued to eat healthy and keep close to my regular workout schedule…despite 6 weeks of physical therapy on my right hip.

Life often puts up road blocks, things to throw us off course and interfere with the nice plan we’ve laid out for ourselfves.  These last few months, while negotiating many road blocks, I’ve managed to stay on a steady course toward a healthy and fit lifestyle.  This is because I established a strong foundation for living that way.  All the healthy habits I developed over the last 4 to 5 years–all those incremental changes I made to my behavior–have established a really strong bond that keeps me fit and healthy even during periods of stress and uncertainty.  I still workout regularly, make smart choices at restaurants, watch portion control, hydrate, and eat healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.  Even when it seems like everything else is spiraling out of control, I know I’m staying fit because these behaviors are habits.    

So, keep developing good healthy habits.  Before you know it, these small habits will become the core for your healthy lifestyle, which will help you through those challenges that life throws your way.


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