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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | November 24, 2015

Gobble gobble!

Here’s hoping you enjoy a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  As you gather with family and friends around the table for this holiday feast, I hope you—unlike me—are able to maintain at least some semblance of caloric composure. (Sweet potatoes are my downfall. Mmmmm, sweet potatoes…) Though this week’s newsletter is short and sweet, the information contained therein proves that sometimes bigger is better. What could I possibly mean? Check out the blurb below. And quicker than you can say sweet potato casserole with crumbled pecan topping, read it, put it on your calendar, and RSVP to me by THIS Friday.

GVWC Happy Hour – December 12 RESPONSE REQ’D BY THIS FRIDAY!!!

Club members and guests, join us Saturday, December 12 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Second Sole Short North for light appetizers, adult beverages, and 30% off everything in the store. How amazing is that? For this night only, Second Sole—one of our Founding Partners—will double the Club’s normal discount. Think of what this means to you! In one evening, you can knock out your entire holiday shopping list. Or, if you’re like me, you can buy yourself cold weather gear and other fitness accoutrements, then tell your loved ones you’ve already purchased their gifts for you on their behalf. Planning to join us? RSVP to me by THIS Friday.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to food, drink and terrific store discounts, we’ll fire off some free raffles for gift certificates totaling $250.  Everyone gets a raffle ticket simply for showing up.  Receive additional tickets (increasing your chances of winning!) for each of the following activities that night:

  • bringing a friend
  • introducing us to a new Club member
  • paying your $10 Club renewal for 2016
  • spending at least $50 at the store

Plus the biggest benefit is hanging out with your fellow Club members in their regular (non-sweaty!) clothes. After the Happy Hour, many of us will hang out in the Short North and grab dinner. Planning to join us? RSVP to me by THIS Friday.

Second Sole Short North is located at 662 North High Street next to the Happy Greek.  Here’s information on parking options. If meters aren’t available, the Hubbard garage is just 0.3 of mile to the north.  Or, park near my house and take CBUS to the Short North! Planning to join us? RSVP to me by THIS Friday.

Seriously. Planning to join us? RSVP to me by THIS Friday.

How to Dress for Cold Weather Walking

Here is an article from the About Health blog with tips on how to dress for cold weather walking.  Some of the keys: layering, a good base layer, wicking material, and cover your extremities (i.e., hands and head).  Check it out and then you will be armed with information on items to purchase with your fantastic one-day-only 30% discount when you come to the Happy Hour at Second Sole on December 12.  Planning to join us? RSVP to me by THIS Friday. And, of course, our partners at Second Sole will be able to assist you and make recommendations.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

Thank you one and all for being part of the German Village Walking Club, and enriching my life as well as the lives of your fellow Club members.  Without you, our walks would be just a little less joyful. Hope to see you all on Saturday.  And as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | November 17,2015


You can already tell by the crowds that showed up last weekend on the new Scioto Greenways Trail that Columbus has hit a homerun.  This will no doubt be the centerpiece of downtown for everyone living in and visiting Columbus.  It is just beautiful, and the City is projected in a whole new light. The best part – the Club gets to take advantage of it every Saturday.  You can find in the newsletter this week: an article about the importance of balance, suggestions for walking in cold and darkness, and a cute little video for your entertainment.

at night scioto

Cold and Dark

GVWC member, Alisa Vural, asked me how to get over her aversion to walking/running in the dark, particularly in the morning.  Well, Alisa, having a safe route is of the upmost importance when going out in the dark.  After you have that in place, I found an article in Runner’s World Magazine that provides some tips, ideas and incentives for getting out in the cold and dark.  For me, one of the biggest incentives is that I think it makes me tougher, mentally and physically.  Get the right cold weather clothing, have a bad-weather backup plan, and hit the road!

Balance.  And Beam!

Don’t underestimate the power of having good balance.  It is something we most definitely take for granted, and we rarely think about.  Rest assured, this is not an “old person” thing.  (Em, Drew, and my other Millennial followers: take note.)  This article from the About Health blog explains that athletes make it one of the tenants of their training for power, strength, and preventative measures.  You can use a Bosu ball, a towel, or other things to make exercises unstable.  I often take a five minute break during the workday to use the same disk pictured below (from to do balance exercises in my office. It’s a great way to shake off the mid-day cobwebs, get the creative juices flowing again, and enhance my balance. Of course, I shut my office door when I am doing this, and you don’t need workout clothes.



Child’s Play

You know I am big fan of the burpee.  Big!  It is one of the best total body weight exercises you can do.  It works most of the large muscle groups in a single, complex exercise.  Complex, yes, but you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the burpee.  Here is a video demonstration that shows the burpee can be done—and with enthusiasm!—at any age and fitness level. (You may need to be a Facebook subscriber to get this).  Enjoy!

Motivation of the Week

make most of life

Finishing Line

Hope to see you all Saturday.  And as always, whatever you do, finish strong!




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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | November 10, 2015


This Saturday we are excited to join Walk With a Doc in Dodge Park.  Please remember that we will meet at 7:45am at Schiller.  Then, the following Saturday we will hit the new Scioto Greenways path.  This is going to be the German Village Walking Club’s “home court”.  Also check out a “word of caution” in this week’s newsletter about the upcoming holidays.

Walk with a Doc – This Saturday – 7:45am

Please note the time – 7:45am!  Once again, we are joining the Walk With a Doc group at Dodge Park this Saturday.  After we walk the 2 miles over to Dodge Park, we will listen to the doctor, walk a lap with the group, and head back to Schiller Park.  This is the last WWAD for the season.  Looking forward to meeting up with them again in the spring, and maybe they will join us during their winter hiatus.  Maybe our last WWAD physician, Dr. Shilpa Padia, will drop by this Saturday too!

Scioto Greenways Opened Today!

It just got a lot cooler to hang out in downtown Columbus with the opening of the Scioto Greenways.  The City added 33 acres of parkland and trails along the Scioto River right in the heart of downtown.  It is great news for the German Village Walking Club, as it will open up more routes and exciting vistas of the City as you walk right along the river.  I did my 3-miler this morning at 5:15am.  It was peaceful and the lights of the bridges and the city were beautiful.  I am claiming that I am officially the first race walker on the new path.  The Club will test it out one week from Saturday.

Speeding Into the Holidays – Word of Caution

Can you believe how fast this year has gone?  We are dangerously close to Thanksgiving, and dare I say – Christmas.  Ok, what is with the “Black Friday” ads going on already?  Come on, man!  That is just not right.  Ok, let me get to my point – as we cruise into holiday season, there will be all kinds of food and drink temptations over the next 2 months.  I don’t want to be a party pooper; but just be careful.  Enjoy yourselves, but try to stay in control, pick your moments, and keep walking!  Here is an article from the Everyday Health blog with some great tips to staying in control this holiday season.  I am all about Tip No. 4 – can’t get enough of the little black dress.

You even have to be careful entering races this time of year – the Donut Challenge, the Hot Chocolate race.   Race temptations!  Just answer me this – Do you want to be hanging out with this guy:

donut guy

Or hanging out with this person:


I bet you can make a heck of a smoothie hanging with her.  Just be reasonable this holiday season!  Cheers!

Motivation of the Week

start to be great

Finishing Line

Hope to see you all Saturday 7:45am, when we join Walk with a Doc.  And as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | November 3, 2015


Here’s what’s in this week’s newsletter. Even though it’s getting darker and colder these days, I’m excited for what’s to come. Some of my favorite walks are early winter mornings. Breathing fresh, crisp air, watching the snow through the streetlights falling softly around me, it’s both invigorating and peaceful. The key to great cold-weather walks is dressing appropriately. To help you adjust, check out the helpful tips below. This just in! The grand opening for the Scioto Greenway redevelopment along the Scioto Mile is next Tuesday, November 10. This is such great news for Saturday mornings walks with the Club. Finally, check out another “In His Own Words”; this time by Jay, as he talks about the seven half marathons in seven days in seven states. When you walk and socialize with the GVWC, you find out really cool things and experiences of our members.  Keep sharing all your great stories!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

As we ease into the cooler weather, many people change over their closets to their fall/winter clothing. This is also the case for shifting over to cold weather gear for walking outside. But while you may have your mock turtlenecks and your blue parkas at the ready, the key is to not dress too warmly. I know! It sounds counter-intuitive, right? You want to dress so that you are a little cold starting out. If you’re dressed too warmly, you’ll over-heat during your walk. Trust me, that’s really unpleasant. It takes time and practice to figure what works and what doesn’t. Both temperature and wind play factors in how to dress. Layering is the key. I usually wear a base layer of an Under Armour compression-fit long sleeve mock turtleneck. Depending on temperature and wind, I will wear at least another long sleeve technical t-shirt, and probably a wind breaker over that. In milder temperatures, I’ll wear compression leggings. When it’s below freezing, I’ll pull out the long fitness pants to protect my legs. My fingers get cold easily, so I wear gloves when it’s 50 degrees or colder. A ski cap is a must for me when it drops to 40 or below. The bottom line on preparing for colder weather—and how to dress appropriately—comes down to one word: experience.

Here is an article from that provides a great overview for how to dress for walking during cold weather.  They seem to have it figured out in Boston.

In His Own Words

Congratulations to Jay and Patty Hanks, Reva Allen, and Jennifer Reinhard, who completed the Mainly Half Marathon Appalachian Series 7 Days, 7 Races, 7 States 2 weeks ago.  What an accomplishment.  Here is Jay’s account of the event in his own words:

This year our group decided to up our game when it came to our goal of walking a ½ marathon in all 50 states.  We have completed ½ marathons in 12 states since 2009 and by participating in the Mainly Marathons Appalachian Series 7 Days, 7 Races, and 7 States we could get much closer to that goal in one years’ time. Even though on face value this sounds daunting as none of us has done a multi-day marathon before and we were not exactly sure what to expect neither from the races nor of ourselves. We signed up and prepared as best we could since there wasn’t a training plan easily available.

 The courses are set in smaller venues at parks or in one case a high school baseball training area. At most they would be 2 mile loops with food and drinks at the start so no need to worry about not having support along the way. You progress is tracked by collecting a rubber band for each time you return to the finish once you have the requisite number of bands for your ½ or full you are done. Through all the days there was constant encouragement and praise from fellow participants, no matter if you were running or walking. The staff that kept us going was fantastic with jokes and fun to keep you going as well. We made many new friends and have a whole new community of Facebook friends thanks to this series.

 Our group finished the series and had a wonderful time so much so that we are planning to do another one of the series these people put on. The Mainly Marathons group puts on a race series like no other, from the unique course setup to the unparalleled spread of food and drinks to fuel you on your journey, all mixed with a sense of fun and family you just won’t find anywhere else.

My advice is to take this challenge bring some extra shoes and prepare to meet wonderful people and make a lot of news friends and have a great time.

Here is a picture of Patty, Jay, Jennifer, (Barb, Reva’s step daughter), and Reva after the last half marathon.


Here are a couple links that Jay provided:

One of the couples that we meet while doing this series

Scioto Greenway Opens November 10

As we mentioned, this is exciting news for highly anticipated opening of the redevelopment along the Scioto River downtown.  This will expand our options for interesting and beautiful routes for the Club, and also keep us off some of the brick sidewalks and road.  The official opening of the Greenway is from 3:30pm to 6:30pm Tuesday, November 10 between the Broad Street Bridge and the Rich Street Bridge.  There will be family friendly activities with kayak and canoe rides, refreshments, and music – all ending in fireworks.  You can find the details here.

Walk With a Doc – November 14

We will be walking with the Walk With a Doc group at Dodge Park a week from Saturday, November 14.  Please note that we will meet early, 7:45am, walk the 2 miles to Dodge Park, walk a mile with the WWAD group, and then walk the 2 miles back to Schiller.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

Hope to see you all Saturday.  And as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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