German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | March 8, 2016


I hope everyone is having a great week!  I would say that March has come in like a lamb.  (So, you know what that means about how March will go out…)  In the newsletter this week, there are a couple blurbs about the Earth Day 2016 events and celebration toward the end of April.  As part of the Club’s involvement in the community, we will be volunteering to help clean up along the Scioto River at the Scioto Audubon Park.  Also in this week’s newsletter, you will find another one of my rants. Expect a bevy of angry “Letters to the Editor” to be published in next week’s newsletter in response. 🙂

Earth Day | Scioto Audubon River Cleanup

Earth Day 2016 is April 22.  In Columbus this year, it is being celebrated from April 16 through 23 – more like an Earth Week. The theme is  “Branch Out”. There will be venues all over the city to plant new trees, clean up accumulated debris, plant new flower beds, and more. The GVWC will participate in cleaning up the Scioto Audubon along the river. After all, this is essentially our stomping grounds. Volunteers are needed Saturday, April 16 from 9am to noon to remove debris along the river, plant trees, and cut out indigenous honeysuckle plant.  A lunch for volunteers follows. The GVWC would like to commit at least 10 volunteers. Please help us have a great showing; you can email me if you’d like to participate. As team leader, I will sign you up. Gardening is great cross training, so think of it as helping the environment, giving back to the community, and working on some underutilized muscles!

Earth Day | Columbus Commons Celebration

The following Saturday, April 23, will be the Earth Day Columbus Celebration at Columbus Commons. The GVWC will have a booth there and is in need of volunteers to be at the booth helping to talk up the Club.  No details of the time have been released yet. All I know for sure is that there will be beer. Beer! Please let me know if you would be interested in tending to the booth.

Me, Offended?

At Winans on Saturday, a GVWC member introduced me to a friend of his who had come in for coffee.  After exchanging some pleasantries, the friend said he was a runner, but only goes about 3 miles these days because the soreness in his knees makes running any farther almost unbearable. I told him I could empathize. I have had trouble in the past with arthritis in my neck and hips, which is the reason I walk now. I suggested maybe he’d like to join us some time.  He told me one day he may join us. One day. He went on to say he is glad that I get out and walk now—that it is better than doing nothing. I bit my tongue, smiled and told him it was nice to meet him.

Exchanges like this humor me these days.  When I first started walking for exercise, I would get annoyed at some of the comments I received.  Comments like, “I guess walking is better than nothing.” Or “I just don’t know how you get your heart rate up when all you do is walk.” That used to drive me nuts. I’d fire back: “Hey, walkers get the same health and fitness benefits of runners without all the punishment on their bodies.” “Hey, walking is just as demanding as running—even more so when you consider it takes longer to go the same distance.” “Hey, there’s a skill to being a race walker—there’s a technique. Anyone can lumber down the road like a rhinoceros, no technique needed.” I guess with my defensiveness I wasn’t making any friends.

Now, however, I smile. I feel confident in my ability to get my heart rate up on my walks; I’m proud about how I challenge myself with half marathons and marathons; and I know I can knock out more pushups, pull-ups, and burpees than a lot of guys my age.

So, I remind you all: we are not “just walkers.” We are athletes. We do not settle for walking because we’re too weak or too lame to do anything else. We choose this form of exercise—walking with purpose—to keep us healthy and fit.  We do get our heart rates up, and not just when people make uninformed comments. Here is an article to help get your “athlete on”.

Art – This Saturday Night!

This Saturday, March 12 from 5 to 9pm, the Hayley Gallery will host an Artist Opening Reception for Chuck Marshall, displaying over 20 new oil paintings.  Chuck, a GVWC member, is best known as a plein air artist.  We know him as an overall great guy.  Hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to view Chuck’s work and catch up with him.  The Hayley Gallery is located in New Albany, and here are the details of the event.  Congratulations Chuck!

jerry rice

Thanks to Drew Smith, captain of the Turin (Italy) Chapter of the GVWC, for the contribution.

Finishing Line

Hope to see you all on Saturday.  And, as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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