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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | February 28, 2017


We had a good group out on Saturday to take advantage of the warmer weather. Right after our walk it seems Mother Nature decided she still has some bite in her.

In the newsletter this week:

  • If walking 3 miles at this time is a stretch for you, we have a solution
  • Chuck Marshall shows his artistic chops at the Columbus Museum of Art
  • Congratulations to the new addition to Valter’s family + GVWC’s next breakfast at Valter’s on March 11
  • What is a Superager?
  • GVWC in the community
  • Two years ago, the GVWC was born
  • and a motivation we can all strive for

That’s a lot to read. Pace yourself!

3 Miles or 5 Miles?  Wait…What?

At the GVWC, we welcome everyone to come out and join us for our weekly walks. We want people to know that walking is a great form of exercise. We want people to know that walking outside, breathing fresh air, and taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Columbus can be exhilarating! But, we know for some, 3 miles is daunting. What to do if you’re new to a walking for fitness? Hmmm…good question.

Starting this Saturday, in addition to our 3-mile and 5-mile routes through downtown, for our beginner walkers, we offer a third option: laps around Schiller Park. Schiller is a beautiful place to start a walking program. Each lap of Schiller Park is 0.8 miles, so you can do whatever you can do: one lap, two laps, maybe three. I will lead this group. This Schiller loop option is a great way for new walkers who are starting from zero, for people rehabbing from an injury, or even for those who may have had a rough Friday night—if you know what I mean.

Spread the word and help up include more people in our walking community!

Ohio Plein Air Society Exhibit Show – The Best of the OPAS – Columbus Museum of Art

One of GVWC members, Chuck Marshall, is exhibiting his work at the Best of the OPAS Exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, which starts this Friday March 3, and goes through June 18.  Chuck is a very accomplished plein air artist. He is on the committee that brought the exhibit to Columbus.

There is a Best of OPAS pre-show this Thursday (3/2) from 6pm to 8pm. Come learn about plein air works. Chuck will give you a little personal insight to his work and the exhibit.  Congratulations, Chuck!

Congratulations Valter!

Congratulations to Valter and his wife on the birth of their son last week!  Valter and his restaurant, Valter’s at the Maennerchor, are terrific partners of the GVWC. We need to get this little guy a pair of walking shoes!


Breakfast At Valters – Saturday, March 11, 9:30am

Speaking of Valter, the Club will have breakfast there after our walk on March 11, 9:30am. If you would like to join us, email me by March 8. I’m so excited!


This article from the Harvard Business Review and its link to the New York Times article explains some very interesting correlations between so called “superagers,” those who are healthy and active well into their 80s, and their pursuit of difficult activities as they age.  Apparently, the “no pain, no gain” adage may actually be true in certain situations. Studies from these stories show that pushing through and sticking with difficult activities—both physically and mentally—can help you live a long, healthy life. This doesn’t mean pursing pleasant activities like, Sudoku or a leisurely stroll. It means performing hard tasks but difficult things that push you past your comfort zone. With that in mind, drop down and give me 20! Thanks, Andrea Applegate, for the contribution.

GVWC In The Community

In the GVWC’s pursuit to step up its involvement in the community, here are the activities on the docket so far this year:

  1. March 7 – Reeb Avenue Center Tuesday Night Community Dinner. We have the 10 slots filled for this event to serve dinner to the community. Frank Stoy will send out reminder emails this week to our volunteers with final details for next Tuesday.
  2. April 22 – Earth Day Celebration. As we did last year, we will have a booth at the celebration held in Columbus Commons. We will also volunteer the week before, most likely at the annual Scioto Audubon clean up like we did last year. More details when they are available from the Earth Day organizers.
  3. May 23 – Reeb Avenue Center Tuesday Night Community Dinner. We need 14 people to serve that day for the community dinner. Three slots are still available. Please email Frank Stoy if you would like to participate. It is from 4:30pm to 8pm.  Duties include light set-up, serving, and clean up.
  4. August 12 – African American Male Wellness Walk. Put it on your calendar! We will have a booth at the walk. In addition, we would like everyone in the Club to participate in this 5K event, which is FREE! Our goal is at least 40 members/family members/friends of the GVWC to participate. This is an incredible walk, and they anticipate close to 20,000 people to attend. We will probably park at Schiller and walk to the start as a group. More details down the road.

Thank you everyone for helping the GVWC support our community.

Happy Anniversary, Ya’ll

The GVWC just celebrated our second anniversary! Reflecting back, this is quite an accomplishment—especially considering our uncertain beginnings. I don’t know if you remember, but it was ridiculously, brutally cold that February we started. Indeed, the wicked temperatures broke records from Canada to Florida. The first few sentences of this article, Polar vortex brings more historic cold in eastern U.S., which appeared in The Washington Post on February 20, says it all:

Friday arrived with an icy slap as Arctic air surged into the eastern United States. The cold snap caused long-standing records to tumble across the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard.

That article appeared only days before this article, Walking club founder takes exercise in stride at Schiller, which appeared in the German Village Gazette and promoted the official launch of the GVWC. You may wonder why the photo—about a walking club—is taken in my living room. That’s because it was so cold, the photographer refused to do the shoot outside.

People (i.e., my wife) said it was a mistake to launch the Club in the middle of the coldest winter on record. And when I’d return home—dejected—after standing alone at Schiller Statue just in case someone showed up to walk with me, people (again, my wife) reassured me the walkers would come as soon as the weather became more temperate.

Two years ago, this is how the German Village Walking Club started:

Schiller when GVWC started

As I have mentioned to a few, standing there alone in the park, I felt like the German Village Idiot.  But, in my opinion, as I look back, it was all worth it.  We have a great group of supportive, fun people who make up the Club.  As we move forward, we will be looking for ways to expand our outreach, including more people in the urban core to join the group in pursuit of improving and maintaining good health, along with some fun.  Thanks to all for your support!

GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week

Yep.  These guys.

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do finish strong!


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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | February 21, 2017


I hope everyone took advantage of the warm temperatures this past weekend.  Thanks to Chris for leading the group on Saturday while my family and I were in Austin for the half marathon. Austin was great. It seems like a hip and outdoorsy place to be, with runners and bicyclists and segues everywhere you looked.  People sure like to exercise outside.

In the newsletter this week: fitting strength-training into tiny places; finding fresh local produce delivered to your door in your Healthful Hints corner; dressing for success in winter weather; and counting up all those rewards of exercise.


Two Dumbbells and 15 Minutes

I know there is a joke somewhere in that title, but it is not a joke. Especially if you want to rev up your metabolism and get a great total body workout. Check out this article/video from Men’s Health Magazine with a three-exercise routine using two dumbbells. Don’t be intimidated by that strapping young man doing these exercises with those weights. You don’t need expensive equipment to do effective total body workouts (you can even do these exercises without the dumbbells), you don’t need an expensive gym membership, and you don’t need to waste a lot of time driving to and from the gym. Best thing is you can complete this routine in an area about 3 feet by 7 feet – which is probably less room than your couch takes up!

Exercises that involve multiple body movements are very effective at targeting major muscle groups. They are generally easy to coordinate and the combination of exercise routines is endless. Maybe add one or two of these exercises to the end of your walk, which is a terrific way to incorporate a little bit of weight training at the end of your cardio. Give it a try!

Healthful Hints Corner

Our Healthful Hint of the week comes from Vicky Brunetto regarding the Yellow Bird Food Source. The company promotes bringing fresh local food from small sustainable farms conveniently to you. Vicky said the following:

This group delivers weekly veggies with recipes from Ohio farmers – sometimes they add spices, oats and honey as little add ons for the meals.  It is a very convenient service. Just check the list to see if they deliver in your area

Thanks Vicky!  Looks like a great concept.  Everyone, keep emailing me your healthful hints!

How To Dress for Winter Walking

I had a conversation with my buddy, Cindi Leeman, at Walk Magazine, about how to dress for walking during the winter weather. You can find the podcast here. It is about 40 minutes, and I really don’t get warmed up (ironically) until about halfway through the podcast. Thanks, Cindi, for asking me to participate.

Reward Yourself

Here is an article from WebMD with the 12 top rewards of exercise as submitted by Gail Gross-Brown. When you look at the rewards, it seems like a no brainer to get out there to exercise.  Sadly, for many people, it’s not.

Also in that issue of WebMD, Gail directed me to the article testing your Chocoholic Quiz.  I could have done better, considering how much chocolate I eat. Thanks, Gail!

GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter |February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! This weekend, I will be in Austin, Texas with my family where it will be close to 80 degrees. We’re there to do the Austin Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to getting away and, of course, marking Texas off the list. Filling in for me on Saturday will be Chris Coenen. Thanks Chris!

In the newsletter this week:  news about the recent assaults around German Village and how to stay safe, easy and fun habits for longevity, and a new restaurant review column.

German Village Safety Issues

On a very serious note, there have been a number of assaults in German Village and around Nationwide Children’s Hospital over the last couple weeks. Last week, Columbus police held a town meeting with German Village residents to answer questions and provide recommendations for keeping safe. Columbus police have stepped up their force patrolling the German Village area to capture this man. It is suspected it is one person committing the crimes.  This GV bulletin provides the details of the meeting and lists safety suggestions to stay safe. Recommendations include walking in pairs, walking with a flashlight at night, walking with your head up with confidence and aware of your surroundings (i.e., do not be distracted by your device). While these were distributed in conjunction with a German Village situation, the advice is applicable regardless of where you live.

Longevity – Some Easy Fun Habits

The key to long-term good health and happiness is not just about good food choices and sweating a lot. Here is an article from the VeryWell website providing some other good habits – fun habits – that help lead to a long, happy and healthy life. I got that eating-chocolate thing down pat.

Thanks, Jim McVay, for the submittal. Jim is always passing along positive messages.

New Column – The fit-Foodie Restaurant Review by Darla Kaikis

I am thrilled to introduce a new column for the newsletter, which will be featured several times a year – the “fit-Foodie Restaurant Review” by Darla Kaikis.  Darla is a partner at the law firm of Larrimer and Larrimer, and she and her firm have been terrific supporters of the GVWC. One of Darla’s passions is food – good healthy food – although we have seen her veer off course at times.  Thank you, Darla, for your restaurant review, and spicing up our new!  Welcome!


GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I will be gone this weekend, Chris will be leading the group.  I hope to catch you all the following Saturday morning.  As always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | February 7, 2017


Temperatures from last Saturday to last Sunday were like night and day. Saturday was cold and gray, and Sunday was comparatively warm and sunny (although very windy). A sunny day in the 50s in February is like tonic for the soul. Think positive. We can make it till Spring!

In the newsletter this week: the Scioto Mile is the GVWC’s home field advantage, race training schedules are available, volunteers for Tuesday Night Community Dinner are set, healthful hints, and lots of numbers like 80/20 and 21/90 (and my personal favorite: 25 or 6 to 4). Get your calculator and read on!

Shown below are members of the GVWC enjoying happy hour at G. Michaels last Thursday before attending the Columbus Jazz Orchestra concert. Everyone said the concert was terrific.


Home Field Advantage

I think we are very lucky at the GVWC that every Saturday we get to walk cool Downtown routes. My particular favorite is the Scioto Mile, which was completed about a year and a half ago. I call this our home field advantage. Although it is fun to travel to destination places for races and experience the sights and sounds of new cities, I think our home field is special. Check out this 3-minute video of the Scioto Mile created by the folks at the Downtown Columbus Development Corporation (the smart people behind the redevelopment) which shows the history of our riverfront and what it took to transform it into the Scioto Mile.

Need a Training Schedule for a Spring Race?

Plenty of GVWC members are planning for spring and summer races setting their training schedules on their calendars. And for a few, this will be their very first race. Are you one of them? If so, let me know if you’d like me to email you a (full or half) training schedule. I’ve already sent out schedules for the Carmel (IN) Half on April 22 and the Cap City Half on April 29. Now is the time to start training for those or other races around the same time. Your most important training walk of the week is the Long Slow Day (LSD). Right now, our 5-mile routes on Saturdays suffice for your LSD, but the schedules ramp up to 6 and 7 miles over the next couple weeks. Time to get started!

80/20 Rule

Check out this article from the mindbodygreen blog. It recommends we all follow the “80/20 Rule” and offers tips on how to approach and stick with it. As the article says, wellness cannot be an all or nothing proposition. Being too restrictive in any area of our lives just sets us up for failure. That is why most diets don’t work. You need balance in your life, or in this case 80% of the time, you “do good.” If you keep the 80/20 in the forefront of your mind, you will achieve your health and wellness goals. The key is to make small yet healthful changes to our lives that become habits.

Set for March 7 Tuesday Night Community Dinner

We have our volunteers in place for our first community outreach project of the year. On March 7, the GVWC crew will serve the Tuesday Night Community Dinner at the Reeb Avenue Center which supports the South Side community. The dinners are provided by the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and are served at Southside Roots:  Café.Market.Kitchen. Our team is made up of Frank, Gail, Jim, Maureen, Vicky, Nancy, Karin, Andrea and Larry.  Thanks everyone!

We have committed to a second Tuesday Night Dinner on May 23. It will be all GVWC volunteers that night, which means we need 14 volunteers. We have 6 committed already.  Please email Frank if you would like to join us that night.

The time commitment is 4:30pm to 8:00pm. A summary of volunteer duties is below:

  • Serving guests their dinner and beverages in a friendly manner to create a welcoming environment.
  • Engaging with community members to ensure an overall gratifying experience.
  • Minor cleaning duties; Cleaning tables, sweeping floors, etc.
  • Assisting the kitchen team with cleaning and closing the kitchen including washing dishes, mopping floors, etc.

Thanks GVWC members for all your support!  Also note this year, the GVWC will donate $1 for every volunteer-hour, up to 250 hours, to a charity to be determined.

Healthful Hints Corner

Our Healthful Hint of the week comes from Gail Gross Brown:

While in line waiting, do yoga poses.  They keep you fit and lessen stress.  Some people will look aghast and others will talk with you.

 Just remember to give others personal space.  My Pt taught me this helpful tip a decade ago.  It is well worth it.

Thanks Gail!

Please keep sending me your healthful tips. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed. We will publish yours soon.

Early Signup for Bountiful Gifts Race – Walkers Only Race

Registration is open for Bountiful Gifts, a walker-only race. The race is located in Canton and offers 5K, 10K and half marathon distances. This is the second year of the race. Let’s hope they’ve worked out some of the bugs from the inaugural year. The fees go up after February 27.

GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  As always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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