German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | February 7, 2017


Temperatures from last Saturday to last Sunday were like night and day. Saturday was cold and gray, and Sunday was comparatively warm and sunny (although very windy). A sunny day in the 50s in February is like tonic for the soul. Think positive. We can make it till Spring!

In the newsletter this week: the Scioto Mile is the GVWC’s home field advantage, race training schedules are available, volunteers for Tuesday Night Community Dinner are set, healthful hints, and lots of numbers like 80/20 and 21/90 (and my personal favorite: 25 or 6 to 4). Get your calculator and read on!

Shown below are members of the GVWC enjoying happy hour at G. Michaels last Thursday before attending the Columbus Jazz Orchestra concert. Everyone said the concert was terrific.


Home Field Advantage

I think we are very lucky at the GVWC that every Saturday we get to walk cool Downtown routes. My particular favorite is the Scioto Mile, which was completed about a year and a half ago. I call this our home field advantage. Although it is fun to travel to destination places for races and experience the sights and sounds of new cities, I think our home field is special. Check out this 3-minute video of the Scioto Mile created by the folks at the Downtown Columbus Development Corporation (the smart people behind the redevelopment) which shows the history of our riverfront and what it took to transform it into the Scioto Mile.

Need a Training Schedule for a Spring Race?

Plenty of GVWC members are planning for spring and summer races setting their training schedules on their calendars. And for a few, this will be their very first race. Are you one of them? If so, let me know if you’d like me to email you a (full or half) training schedule. I’ve already sent out schedules for the Carmel (IN) Half on April 22 and the Cap City Half on April 29. Now is the time to start training for those or other races around the same time. Your most important training walk of the week is the Long Slow Day (LSD). Right now, our 5-mile routes on Saturdays suffice for your LSD, but the schedules ramp up to 6 and 7 miles over the next couple weeks. Time to get started!

80/20 Rule

Check out this article from the mindbodygreen blog. It recommends we all follow the “80/20 Rule” and offers tips on how to approach and stick with it. As the article says, wellness cannot be an all or nothing proposition. Being too restrictive in any area of our lives just sets us up for failure. That is why most diets don’t work. You need balance in your life, or in this case 80% of the time, you “do good.” If you keep the 80/20 in the forefront of your mind, you will achieve your health and wellness goals. The key is to make small yet healthful changes to our lives that become habits.

Set for March 7 Tuesday Night Community Dinner

We have our volunteers in place for our first community outreach project of the year. On March 7, the GVWC crew will serve the Tuesday Night Community Dinner at the Reeb Avenue Center which supports the South Side community. The dinners are provided by the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and are served at Southside Roots:  Café.Market.Kitchen. Our team is made up of Frank, Gail, Jim, Maureen, Vicky, Nancy, Karin, Andrea and Larry.  Thanks everyone!

We have committed to a second Tuesday Night Dinner on May 23. It will be all GVWC volunteers that night, which means we need 14 volunteers. We have 6 committed already.  Please email Frank if you would like to join us that night.

The time commitment is 4:30pm to 8:00pm. A summary of volunteer duties is below:

  • Serving guests their dinner and beverages in a friendly manner to create a welcoming environment.
  • Engaging with community members to ensure an overall gratifying experience.
  • Minor cleaning duties; Cleaning tables, sweeping floors, etc.
  • Assisting the kitchen team with cleaning and closing the kitchen including washing dishes, mopping floors, etc.

Thanks GVWC members for all your support!  Also note this year, the GVWC will donate $1 for every volunteer-hour, up to 250 hours, to a charity to be determined.

Healthful Hints Corner

Our Healthful Hint of the week comes from Gail Gross Brown:

While in line waiting, do yoga poses.  They keep you fit and lessen stress.  Some people will look aghast and others will talk with you.

 Just remember to give others personal space.  My Pt taught me this helpful tip a decade ago.  It is well worth it.

Thanks Gail!

Please keep sending me your healthful tips. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed. We will publish yours soon.

Early Signup for Bountiful Gifts Race – Walkers Only Race

Registration is open for Bountiful Gifts, a walker-only race. The race is located in Canton and offers 5K, 10K and half marathon distances. This is the second year of the race. Let’s hope they’ve worked out some of the bugs from the inaugural year. The fees go up after February 27.

GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  As always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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