German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | February 21, 2017


I hope everyone took advantage of the warm temperatures this past weekend.  Thanks to Chris for leading the group on Saturday while my family and I were in Austin for the half marathon. Austin was great. It seems like a hip and outdoorsy place to be, with runners and bicyclists and segues everywhere you looked.  People sure like to exercise outside.

In the newsletter this week: fitting strength-training into tiny places; finding fresh local produce delivered to your door in your Healthful Hints corner; dressing for success in winter weather; and counting up all those rewards of exercise.


Two Dumbbells and 15 Minutes

I know there is a joke somewhere in that title, but it is not a joke. Especially if you want to rev up your metabolism and get a great total body workout. Check out this article/video from Men’s Health Magazine with a three-exercise routine using two dumbbells. Don’t be intimidated by that strapping young man doing these exercises with those weights. You don’t need expensive equipment to do effective total body workouts (you can even do these exercises without the dumbbells), you don’t need an expensive gym membership, and you don’t need to waste a lot of time driving to and from the gym. Best thing is you can complete this routine in an area about 3 feet by 7 feet – which is probably less room than your couch takes up!

Exercises that involve multiple body movements are very effective at targeting major muscle groups. They are generally easy to coordinate and the combination of exercise routines is endless. Maybe add one or two of these exercises to the end of your walk, which is a terrific way to incorporate a little bit of weight training at the end of your cardio. Give it a try!

Healthful Hints Corner

Our Healthful Hint of the week comes from Vicky Brunetto regarding the Yellow Bird Food Source. The company promotes bringing fresh local food from small sustainable farms conveniently to you. Vicky said the following:

This group delivers weekly veggies with recipes from Ohio farmers – sometimes they add spices, oats and honey as little add ons for the meals.  It is a very convenient service. Just check the list to see if they deliver in your area

Thanks Vicky!  Looks like a great concept.  Everyone, keep emailing me your healthful hints!

How To Dress for Winter Walking

I had a conversation with my buddy, Cindi Leeman, at Walk Magazine, about how to dress for walking during the winter weather. You can find the podcast here. It is about 40 minutes, and I really don’t get warmed up (ironically) until about halfway through the podcast. Thanks, Cindi, for asking me to participate.

Reward Yourself

Here is an article from WebMD with the 12 top rewards of exercise as submitted by Gail Gross-Brown. When you look at the rewards, it seems like a no brainer to get out there to exercise.  Sadly, for many people, it’s not.

Also in that issue of WebMD, Gail directed me to the article testing your Chocoholic Quiz.  I could have done better, considering how much chocolate I eat. Thanks, Gail!

GVWC Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do, finish strong!


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