German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | March 14, 2017


I hope everyone is having a great week, and you all have your brackets filled out for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It should be a wide open tournament this year. In the newsletter this week:

  • Recap of the Community Meal at the Reeb Avenue Center
  • A CEO talks about the benefits of incentivizing his employees to exercise
  • Join the fit-Foodie this Saturday at Arepazo in the Brewery District
  • Benefits of Drinking Coffee
  • Sign up to volunteer for Earth Day – Scioto Audubon Cleanup April 9

Two highlights from our breakfast at Valters on Saturday:  Those amazing pancakes and Dr.  Steph takes just a little extra time to warm up.

GVWC In The Community

Last week, eight members of the GVWC had an incredible experience serving the Tuesday Night Community Meal at Roots Café in the beautifully renovated and historic Reeb Avenue Center. Our team served over 200 residents from the area and we were led by Chef Eduardo. We were inspired by Chef’s passion, energy and friendliness. He was so much fun to be with.  Not only did he train us and oversee our work, but he did everything from greeting the diners to coordinating the efforts in the kitchen and the serving lines. And he’s an excellent cook, too!  You can find pictures of the evening on the GVWC website. Just scroll down to recent events.

The weekly community meal, Roots Café and market are sponsored by the Mid Ohio Food Bank.  The market is stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Anyone can come in to shop for groceries and have lunch at the Roots Café. People are asked to pay what they can, if they can.  If you have the means, you can always pay meals or groceries forward. For the Tuesday night dinners, anybody can come in for a free meal, no questions asked.

The Club is signed up to serve the meal again on May 23. We will staff the entire workforce for the evening, 14 volunteers. We still have 3 slots available. Email Frank if you would like join us.

Thanks so much to our team that night. Pictured next to me below is Nancy, Jim, Chris, Karin, Frank (our team captain), Vicky, and Andrea.

GVWC Servers

We completed 24 volunteer hours as part of the community meal, giving the GVWC is a great start to our community service goal of 250 hours in 2017. For every volunteer hour, the Club will donate one dollar to a charity, up to $250. Thanks to everyone helping to achieve our goal this year!

Pay Employees to Exercise?

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, a company that provides platforms to help businesses manage social media, has built fitness into his workplace. Holmes explains that time lost to exercise is more than made back in improved productivity, fewer employee sick days, and the having a more energize work environment. This article from LinkedIn provides Holmes’ story and his account of how he has built a culture of fitness into his workplace. He thinks it is time for all companies to incentivize employees to exercise and maintain good health. I agree.

March 18 – Arepazo 11am – The fit-Foodie is in the House

This Saturday, our resident fit-Foodie, Darla Kaikis, will be at Arepazo sharpening her knife, AND her pencil. If you would like to join Darla, just show up at 11am, or walk with Darla the 2/3 of a mile (weather permitting) from Winans to the restaurant.  This is a team effort!

Arepazo is located in the Brewery District at 515 South High Street, a couple doors from Victory’s.

Drink More Coffee!

According to Clean Eating Magazine website, there are a number of reasons to drink more coffee. One is to improve exercise performance. That’s certainly true for me. Drinking coffee makes me walk faster … so I can get to the bathroom! Other benefits of drinking coffee include brain boost, reduced risk of diabetes, and improved liver and heart health. You now see why we hang at Winans! In addition to great coffee, you can’t beat the chocolates and the socializing!

Next Up in the Community – Earth Day Cleanup – Scioto Audubon – April 9

Like we did last year, the GVWC will volunteer as part of Earth Events in Columbus. On Sunday, April 9 from 9am to noon, we will work at the Scioto Audubon. Assignments include weeding, planting, and clearing out the invasive honeysuckle plants. I did that last year—and it was a great workout! Lunch is provided. We will be among the 100 volunteers expected. Email me if you want to volunteer. Find more on their webpage.

Also, there is a celebration of Earth Day and all the Columbus Earth Day Volunteer Events on Saturday, April 22 from 1pm to 7pm at Columbus Commons. There will be music, beer, food trucks and other activities. The GVWC will have a booth at the event. We encourage members to come up and enjoy the afternoon, and also hang out in our booth to promote the Club. If you can take a 1 or 2-hour shift in the booth that day, please email me. Thanks!

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week

This situation is motivating to get you moving fast:

alligators as motivation

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do finish strong!


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