German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | March 28, 2017


I hope everyone is having a good week, and that all of your final four teams made it.  (I am sure…).  Get ready for this Saturday; it is April 1.  No fooling.

In the newsletter this week:

  • Thanks, Narahari, for coming out and bringing the family,
  • Burpee challenge – are you with me?
  • Easy ways to incorporate more protein into your diet,
  • Painters in Schiller Park, April 8

African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative

Thanks to Narahari Luke, his wife Janelle, and their 4 children for joining us at the walk this past Saturday.  Narahari is event sponsor coordinator for the Walk in August as well as Talent Development Specialist for the National Center for Urban Solutions.  Next Saturday, Narahari plans to bring out John Gregory, founder of the National African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative, to meet the group.  I think Narahari, and particularly his four children, enjoyed trying out the Scioto Audubon obstacle course during our walk.  Man, those kids have lots of energy!

Are You With Me?

After reading this article from Runner’s World Magazine blog, I am going to take this physical challenge – 15-days of burpees.  Sounds fun, huh?  The woman in the article who did the burpee challenge declared that after 15 days, she was a stronger runner, had more energy, and she felt powerful (let me interpret – she was a badass!).  I am intrigued, because I already know that burpees are one of the best total body exercises, but didn’t think it would improve running, or hopefully in my casing, walking. So, I’m giving it a shot.

As discussed in the article, the challenge is to do 3 sets of 10 burpees per day for 15 days.  You rest 60 seconds between sets for the first 3 days, and reduce the rest period by 15 seconds every 3 days until you have no rest periods.  The daily burpee session should take less than 10 minutes each day (maybe closer to 5 minutes by the end).  After each session, you will be gassed!  And, tough!  And stronger!

I plan to start Saturday, April 1 after our walk (no April Fool’s joke here).  I will finish the challenge the last Saturday, April 15 after our walk (I will be out of town Saturday April 8).  Then I will let you know how it impacted me the following week in the newsletter.  If others take the challenge, it would great to hear about your impact, as well.  Ok, now.  Who is with me?

Protein Power

Protein helps with building muscle, repairing muscles after exercising, and helping you feel fuller after eating.  Depending on the source, it is recommended that athletes get 0.5 to 0.75 grams of protein per body weight per day.  So, for me, at 165 pounds, that would mean I should get 82.5 to 123.75 grams of protein daily!  That is tough, and you really need to be intentional to achieve that.  Here is an article from Men’s Health Magazine with suggestions to get more protein in daily nutrition.

Paint In Schiller Park – April 8

Want to see GVWC member and Plein Air artist, Chuck Marshall, in action? Chuck and some of his Ohio Plein Air painters will be in Schiller Park starting at 9am, Saturday April 8. After our walk, we will be able to see how Chuck crafts his trade. More information about the event is on the Ohio Plein Air Society website.

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week

eat greens

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do finish strong!


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