German Village Walking Club Weekly Newsletter | April 18, 2017


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend and was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The GVWC made my weekend not just enjoyable, but memorable. Thank you all!

In the newsletter this week (lots of stuff – pace yourself):

  • The thoughtfulness and generosity of the GVWC members
  • Turning 60. Time to back it down a notch?
  • How’d the burpee challenge go?
  • Spring racing season begins!
  • Superfoods – another list
  • Nancy and Jeff hosts GVWC Weekly Walk on May 6
  • Earth Day celebration this Saturday, April 22

A Most Thoughtful and Amazing Gift!

Thank you GVWC members for the incredible surprise birthday brunch and gifts on Saturday for my 60th birthday. You are the best! In particular, I was overwhelmed, and overcome, when you presented me with the mock-up of the brick paver (pictured below along with my new ID lanyard). It is, indeed, a most thoughtful and amazing gift from some of the most thoughtful and amazing people.

Every Saturday morning, I get so much joy seeing such camaraderie on display as we walk our routes together. We’re certainly a tight-knit group, but we’re welcoming to new members. I love that. I also love listening to your stories—triumphs and tribulations—about your personal health and fitness. I get a kick out watching you all, not only improve your own lives, but helping others with their own journey to great health and fitness. Whether you realize it or not, you each have become ambassadors for improving the health and wellness in our community. To me, that’s what this brick represents: community and health & fitness.

The paver, which commemorates the establishment of the Club, will be installed at Frank Fetch Park in 4 to 6 weeks. Perhaps we can get the Club together to be there when it is installed. With this brick paver, we can all take pride in knowing that the GVWC will be remembered in perpetuity at such a beautiful place as Frank Fetch Park.

frank-fetch-park60. Now What?

Ok, now that I have hit 60, do I change the way I work out? Does this give me license to back off my workouts? Eliminate burpees? Stop entering races? Do I get to do lighter weights because I might hurt myself in some way?

Well, Dr. Stephane Ladson-Wofford sent me a timely article from the New York Times entitled “The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles.” The article summarizes an exercise study conducted by the Mayo Clinic using two groups of men and women. The first group was comprised of 30-year-olds and younger. The second was 64 and older. The 12-week study had participants do one of four different types of exercise routines including interval training (periods of high intensity exercising). All participants improved by the end of the study, but researchers found that interval training—especially for the older group—showed increased activity levels for significantly more genes, particularly those genes responsible for mitochondria activity (the energy component of a cell). From the article:

“It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was ‘corrected’ with exercise, especially if it was intense,” says Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, a professor of medicine and an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic and the study’s senior author.

Well, I guess I will not change my exercise routine. In fact, I may need to step up my game a bit!

Burpee Challenge Over! Or Is It?

I completed the burpee challenge on Saturday, along with Maureen Redovan. There are a couple other people who are still working on completing the challenge. As you may recall, the challenge involved performing 30 burpees per day for 15 consecutive days. It was based on an article I found in Runners World by a runner who created the personal challenge to see how it impacted her running performance. In the end, she said it made her a stronger runner and she may continue to include burpees in her fitness activities, though not every day.

The burpee challenge for me, was – well, challenging. I am sure I improved my burpee performance over those 15 days, meaning I got a little better at them. I could do them more smoothly, maybe more quickly. But they never became easier. I felt tired—especially in my legs—during the last 5 days of the challenge. Normally, I rest at least one day between doing strength workouts. Rest is important to recovery. In the end, I could do 20 consecutively before needing to take a 20- to 30-second break.

Moving forward, I will add burpees to the end of my 3-milers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Presently on those days, I do a set of pull-ups and a set of chin-ups after my 3-mile walk. I will now add 10 to 15 burpees to the routine. I may also sprinkle them in on another day, but leave it up to how I feel.

If you haven’t tried them yet, burpees are one of the best total-body-weight exercises. They make for a great high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. As you know, you can do them anywhere, anytime. Burpees require no equipment. No muss, no fuss. Oh, how I love to hate the burpee. Here is the typical burpee method (that is one burpee):


Spring Racing Season – GVWC Members Lacing ‘Em Up

Good luck to all GVWC members doing half marathons over the next couple weeks. This Saturday, good luck to Toni Bailey, who is competing in her first half ever! Toni, along with Vicky Brunetto, Deb Hudson, and Steph Waterman are competing in the Carmel (Indiana) Half Marathon. On the following Saturday, April 29, good luck Jim McVay in the Cap City Half Marathon. And, on Sunday, April 30, good luck to Stephanie Ladson-Wofford and Linda Romanoff in the Canton Hall of Fame Half Marathon.


Every now and then I like to review lists of so called “superfoods” to see how I stack up with those recommended. This article from the VeryWell blog provides 10 such foods, saying that it is important to eat a wide variety of power foods to help ensure optimum health. How many on this list do you regularly eat?

GVWC Walk Hosted by Nancy and Jeff – May 6

Mark your calendars for May 6. Club members Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee will host a GVWC walk at their place. We will start and finish the walk at their house, a block from the Topiary Park. Nancy and Jeff have graciously invited us into their home afterwards for some refreshments. More details to come, but please email me if you plan to attend.

Next Up in the Community – Earth Day Celebration – April 22

Help us with the celebration of Earth Day at Columbus Commons on Saturday, April 22 from 1pm to 5pm. There will be music, beer, food trucks and other activities. The GVWC will have a booth at the event. We encourage members to come up and enjoy the afternoon, and also hang out in our booth to promote the Club.  We still have slots available between 2 and 4 pm.  You can help out, please email me. Thanks!

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week

Take time

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, as always, whatever you do finish strong!


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