GVWC Weekly Newsletter | August 8, 2017


Great weather and a great crowd on Saturday! Indeed, it was our largest crowd of the season, with about 35 people, including 7 who joined us for the first time. Welcome everyone!

Remember, this Saturday, we are walking as a Passion Team at the African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative 5K WALK. Details are below.

In the newsletter this week:

  1. This Saturday – AAMWWI 5K Walk – Be there!
  2. Indoor Workout vs. Outdoor Workout – One Winner, Hands Down
  3. Vern Payne’s new book – Hotel/Motel Workout
  4. Community Involvement – Tutors Needed at Stewart Alternative School
  5. GVWC Gear available
  6. Next Brunch at Valters – August 26

Picture as we gathered at the Schiller Statue this past Saturday, and follow up at Winans.

THIS SATURDAY – African American Male Wellness Walk 5K

Join GVWC’s Passion Team this Saturday for the 14th African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative 5K WALK at Livingston Park, next to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Walk is free and they are expecting a whopping 20,000 participants! Here are details:

  1. We will meet at our regular time and place: 8am, Schiller Statue.
  2. Otto and Christie will walk the group up to the event; and gather our Passion Team at the GVWC booth.
  3. If you would like to go directly to the Walk instead of Schiller, meet at the GVWC booth no later than 9am. It will be crowded, but there should be parking at and around Children’s Hospital. Plan for traffic and road closures.
  4. Wear your GVWC shirts—and talk up the benefits of the Club!*
  5. Bring friends and family.

Andrea and I will be at the booth at 7am, when the health screenings begin, to talk up the benefits of joining the Club to Walk participants. The purpose of the Walk is to inspire people to get healthy and fit. *Our message:

Joining the GVWC on Saturday mornings is the perfect opportunity for AAMWWI Walk participants to begin a regular fitness program; to get outside and breathe fresh air; to take advantage of terrific amenities, like Scioto Audubon, Scioto Mile and Columbus Commons; and to meet new friends along the way.

Thank you for all your support and we will see you at the Walk!

Indoor Workout vs. Outdoor Workout? Science Says Outdoors by A Mile!

Check out this article from Mind, Body, Green blog with 6 science-based reasons why outdoor exercise is better for you than indoor exercise. At the GVWC, we wholeheartedly agree. In fact, the GVWC was founded on the preference for outdoor workouts. The benefits of outdoor workouts include increased happiness, improved immune system function, enhanced social life, and reduced frequency of injuries. I know it stinks when it’s freezing cold or ghastly hot, but these are the reasons why we insist on getting outside year-round (except for ice and lightening). I must admit, forest bathing and tree showers are new terms for me. But, yeah, that’s definitely why we hit 2 to 3 parks every Saturday. And as I always say, “You can’t get that on a treadmill!”

GVWC Member Vern Payne Writes Fitness Book

Next time you are out of town and out of your regular weekly routine—including your fitness schedule—you don’t have to sweat it. Well, actually, you do have to sweat it.  Vern Payne, the author of the new fitness book, “Hotel/Motel Workout – A Healthy Guide When Living On The Road,” gives you practical and easily implementable exercise ideas for staying fit in the confines of your hotel room. Vern draws from his personal experiences over years of traveling, while finding few options for keeping his weekly fitness routine intact. He says the book is made for people who travel, or who don’t go to a gym and want to exercise in their homes. You can find Vern’s book at Amazon. I bet he will even autograph a couple for you!  Congratulations, Vern!

Vern's Book

Looking for Tutors at Stewart Alternative Elementary School

At the GVWC, we like to get involved in our south-side community. We’ve had clothing drives for the For All People Free Store and we’ve volunteered to serve the “Tuesday Night Community Meal” at the Reeb Avenue Center. We are involved in the African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative. And during the school year, we partner with Stewart Alternative Elementary, located on Stewart Street between Schiller Park and Valter’s. Stewart seeks volunteer tutors to work with students in reading and math. For the last couple years, Andrea and I have worked with 6th graders. While it’s easy to fit into our schedules—just once a week for 30 to 45 minutes—I can’t even describe how rewarding it is. If you would like to learn more about this terrific opportunity, email me and I will connect you to the tutoring coordinator at the school.

GVWC Hats and Tank Tops

Email me if interested in purchasing the GVWC gear we still available:

  1. GVWC Hats ($27 ea.): 4 white | 1 black. Has “GVWC” on side.
  2. Women’s purple tank tops ($25 ea.): 1 medium | 2 large.

Brunch at Valters

The GVWC is headed back to Valters, one of our great Club partners, on Saturday, August 26th, after our walk. Please email me if you plan to attend.  Thanks!

Route of the Week

This week we will be walking the AAMWWI 5K.

Motivation of the Week

dont quit

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning – AAMWWI Passion Team! Until then, as always, whatever you do finish strong!





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