GVWC Weekly Newsletter | September 12, 2017


I heard it was a nice turnout on Saturday morning. Thank you, Otto, for leading the group! This Saturday, we will walk the Topiary Route, which includes passing by Frank Fetch Park. Be sure to stop in to look at the new GVWC brick paver. It can be found on the east side of the park, just past the trellis.

We have a short newsletter this week, as I’m recovering from trip to the Big House where my Bearcats were over-matched by the Wolverines. Though, if you know anything about animal taxonomy, it was really a foregone conclusion.

This Thursday is our Happy Hour at downtown Winans 6pm to 8pm. RSVP by tomorrow, if attending.

Other stuff in the newsletter:

  • The Many Benefits of Walkable Communities
  • Improving Flexibility – Basic Yoga Poses
  • Winans to Winans Community Walk For All People on October 21—Mark Your Calendars
  • Serving the Reeb Avenue Community Meal on October 17 – Sign up

Here’s me (’80) and my son, Drew (’11), at the game in Michigan Stadium. Look at all that Maize and Blue in the background. Sheesh.

Drew LSS

Happy Hour Winans Downtown – THIS Thursday

Winans is hosting a Happy Hour for the Club at their new downtown store this Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. Ashley Harris, nutritionist and health advocate, will talk about the many health benefits of chocolate, coffee and wine. Join us as we learn why we shouldn’t give up these three most favored things. Winans will serve $6 glasses of wine during the event. Oh, and there will be chocolates, of course. Feel free to bring friends. RSVP to me if you will attend by tomorrow via email.

The Many Benefits of Walkable Communities

It certainly makes good sense: economic vitality, social benefits, and a healthier community. In Columbus, we are in the early stages of a “walkable community renaissance.” Columbus is revitalizing its urban core with the trails along Scioto Mile acting as the spine for the redevelopment. Connecting to Downtown are neighborhoods of the Short North Arts District, Victorian Village, the Arena District, the Discovery District, the Brewery District, our beloved German Village, and branching off to Franklinton to the west and King-Lincoln/Old Town East to the east. It is fantastic to witness the redevelopment and explore these great neighborhoods on foot. And, as you know, if you walk with the GVWC, you can experience much of it weekly!

This article from the Fast Company blog identifies 50 benefits of walkable communities.  Congratulations to the City of Columbus and other cities around the country for recognizing and acting on such an important endeavor.

Improve Flexibility – Basic Yoga Poses

My Achilles heel, so to speak, are my hamstrings and hip flexors. They are really tight and hinder me from achieving better race results. (Andrea says it’s proof I’m stubborn, inflexible and set in my ways. Like that’s a bad thing.) While good flexibility of hips and hamstrings is important when it comes to many sports—particularly race walking—it’s equally important for walking, especially as we age. Practicing a few yoga moves can help out. Check out this article from the VeryWell blog with basic yoga moves for improving range of motion for hamstrings, hips, and shoulders (knees and toes, knees and toes).

Winans to Winans Community For All People Walk – October 21

Mark your calendars for Saturday morning, October 21. The GVWC will host its next community walk, a 3-Miler from Winans to Winans. Coffee, chocolates and a raffle will be waiting at the finish line at the Downtown Winans. As we did last year, we ask participants to donate a winter article of clothing to benefit the For All People Free Store.

Check out our website for more information.

Reeb Avenue Center Community Dinner on October 17. Seven of 15 slots filled

The German Village Walking Club will again serve the Tuesday night meal at the Reeb Avenue Center, 280 Reeb Avenue in Columbus on October 17 from 4:30 to 8pm. For those of you who have not participated in this wonderful community service opportunity, we help set up, serve and clean up the evening meal that is provided to community residents at no cost. It is an opportunity to meet and greet the guests who come for this meal, and a chance to give back to our community and provide a valuable service.

This is our 3rd dinner service and, like in May, we need 15 people help serve. Please email Frank Stoy or call him at 419-386-6511 if you would like to be on the team.

Like Us on Facebook

If you haven’t already, please LIKE the German Village Walking Club on Facebook. Once you Like us, you will get news and information delivered to your feed. By 7am every Saturday morning, we post whether we’ll be walking or if, like this past Saturday, our walk is cancelled. Also, we’d be delighted if you’d give us a FIVE STAR RATING on Facebook, too.

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week

a little progress

Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all Saturday morning.  Until then, whatever you, do finish strong!


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