GVWC Weekly Newsletter | August 6, 2019


Last Saturday we were graciously hosted by Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee at their Granville home, which made it an extra-special fantastic morning for the GVWC. After walking along the beautiful bike path, we finished in downtown Granville just in time to watch the Pelotonia riders come through. Many of us took advantage of Granville’s weekly farmers market by picking up some fresh vegetables or fresh-cut flowers. Thanks again, Nancy and Jeff.

Remember: this Saturday we are walking at the African American Male Wellness Walk. 

Here’s what you will find in the newsletter this week:

  • This Saturday – AA Walk!
  • Group Photo – Wear Your GVWC Shirts
  • GPS Art
  • GVWC Dinners
  • Taking Time Off is Good for the Brain
  • A Heartwarming Story – Compliments of Chewy

Check out some of the photos from our Granville experience on Saturday. People enjoyed it so much, many are clamoring for it to become an annual event. Maybe we can make that happen!

THIS SATURDAY – August 10 – African American Male Wellness Walk

As we have done the last several years, the GVWC will form a Passion Team to participate in the The African American Male Wellness Walk this Saturday. Ours will be among the many other Passion Teams at the event which is expected to draw 15,000 people to raise awareness of the need to improve health and wellness among black men. The walk starts at 9am and steps off at the corner of Livingston and Parsons Avenues in front of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Club will meet at our regular time and place on Saturday (8am at the Schiller statue). Frank will help guide you to our pre-walk meeting place: the GVWC’s booth. Please wear your GVWC t-shirt to show you are a part of our Passion Team.

On a related note, GVWC member, Otto Beatty III, and his father, Otto, Jr., are the honorary chairs of this year’s event. Way to go, Gentlemen!

Group Photo – Wear Your GVWC T-Shirt

Prior to Saturday’s walk—when we gather at the GVWC booth in front of Nationwide Children’s Hospital—we will take a group shot of Club members for our next iteration of marketing materials. Though it’s not a requirement to be in the photo, we hope everyone will wear their GVWC t-shirts. Plus, sporting a GVWC t-shirt demonstrates your inclusion with our Passion Team. If you don’t have a t-shirt, or are ready for a new one, we will have a few for sale at the event for $35 (cash or check only). All shirt sales include a free GVWC annual membership!


If you have a devise with GPS—such as a smart phone, GPS watch, etc.—and you have a bit of creativity, you can make some cool pictures with your walk route. Here is an article from Daily Mail blog showing examples of creative runners who have “painted” pictures with their routes.  Thanks, Brian Zuk, for the contribution! (I did that for Andrea once. It’s funny story. As me about it someday.)

GVWC Dinners

It is cool to see our Club members getting together for social activities aside from our after-walk coffees. Dave and Kristen have done a wonderful job with coordinating dinners at Barcelona and The Commune, respectively. And now Lynne is jumping in with the next one. It will be held Tuesday night, August 20, at The Kitchen in GV. If you have some ideas for dinner get-togethers, please pass them along to me. These are the details for The Kitchen:

The GVWC will meet at The Kitchen on Livingston Avenue at 6 pm on August 20th. We will enjoy Tacos and drinks (ordered individually at their bar, so no need to worry about a group check). No need to RSVP, just come sometime between 6pm and 8pm and we will be there. Taco Tuesday officially goes from 5-9 pm if you wish to be an early bird. For more information about The Kitchen, see the Kitchen’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/TheKitchen231/ or their website:  https://www.thekitchencolumbus.com/.

We will have a reserved table and you can park in the church parking lot across from The Kitchen for FREE. Call Lynne Brophy for details:  513.207.5548.

In addition, we have a group of 12 heading to Valter’s on Tuesday, August 13, 8pm, to be part of his national TV debut on a cooking show—the reveal of which show will be that night! If anyone is interested in attending who has NOT RSVP’d, please email me.  We may be able to add you to the list.

Taking Time Off is Good for the Brain

While there is usually someone with this mindset, by now we know it is no badge of honor to proclaim you never take vacation or that you work 7 days a week. According to this article from the Inc. blog, Research shows you’ll do better work if you take more downtime. The article provides practical recommendations for getting more rest because, odds are, you’re not getting enough. Of the four suggestions, I particularly like the last one. If I could only figure out how to pull a Costanza. Big fan!

A Heartwarming Story – Compliments of Chewy

I know many among us have pets whom we love dearly. Sharing our homes (and sometimes our beds) with four-legged beasts is shown to have a positive impact on our health, improving blood pressure, reducing anxiety, etc. The particular grief that comes when one of our beloved furry family members “crosses the Rainbow Bridge” can be profound. Here’s a terrific story from Bored Panda about Man Asks Chewy for A Refund on Dog Food After His Dog Passes Away, Gets An Oil Painting With A Message. On a related note, that kind of customer service must also have a positive impact on our health … by lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety!

Route of the Week

This week we will walk at the African American Male Wellness Walk.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all this Saturday. Until then, whatever you do, finish strong!



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