GVWC Weekly Newsletter |August 26, 2019


What a beautiful Saturday morning! We had 25 strong for the Topiary Route, which well-exceeded the point of 18 … I mean, 22. Below is a photo of the group. It was bittersweet on Saturday, though, as we said farewell to GVWC’s Diedre Allen, who is moving to Las Vegas. Not only will be she starting a new chapter in her life, but Diedre has been appointed president of GVWC’s Nevada Chapter. Haha! Best of luck, Diedre. We will miss you!

Here’s what you will find in the newsletter this week:

  • With Sadness…
  • 10 Tips to Walk off Weight
  • A Little Strength Training Goes a Long Way for Longevity
  • Burpees: The Best of Exercise. The Worst of Exercise.
  • National Walking Summit – Columbus, Ohio – September 24

8-23-19 wave

Larry and Diedre 8-23-19

With Sadness…

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Jack Shuter, a long-time member and cofounder of the race-walking group Buckeye Striders. Jack was an inspiration, competing in races till close to his death at the age of 89. Learn more about Jack’s life and details of the memorial service here. Jack was a fine gentleman. He will be missed.

10 Tips to Help Walk Off Weight

This is really good advice from the Verywellfit blog to help increase your efficiency in walking off weight (if that is your goal). I really like No. 5 – Stop doing the same workout every day. Instead, change it up. This helps beat the monotony of the same route, same pace, same movement, and helps improve your athleticism.

A Little Strength Training Goes a Long Way for Longevity

Here is an article from Inc. blog discussing recent research studies comparing life longevity to people who perform some strength training vs. no strength training. Spoiler alert: strength training increases your life expectancy. Body weight exercises work well.

Burpees: The Best of Exercise. The Worst of Exercise.

So, what is the most effective exercise we can do? It’s the burpee. Unfortunately, burpees are both the best and worst exercise ever. They are respected and reviled. Respected because they deliver results unlike any other. Reviled, well, because burpees are hard. Don’t let that deter you. The positives way outweighs the negatives. And if you’re doing burpees, you’re definitely a badass. Here’s a video for beginners demonstrating how to properly execute the burpee.

National Walking Summit – Columbus, Ohio – September 24

On September 24, 2019, Columbus, Ohio will host one of three National Walking Summits this year. The theme of the Columbus Summit is Places for People. Places that are for people support individual health and wellness, social engagement and connectedness, activism and economic vitality. The National Walking Summit–Columbus will explore the power, positivity, and progress that come when we create places for people.

The GVWC’s Larry Smith will lead a panel discussion with Dr. David Sabgir, founder of Walk with a Doc, in a discussion about “A Culture of Health.” Here is information for the Summit and how to attend.

Emerald City Race

Congrats to Christie Angel (1:46:06) and Otto Beatty III (1:22:48) for their performance at the Emerald City Quarter Marathon (6.5 miles) on Saturday. Way to represent the GVWC!

Christie and Otto Emerald City 2019

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all this Saturday. Until then, whatever you do, finish strong!



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