GVWC Weekly Newsletter | January 14, 2020


Remember this Saturday night is special Walk Night at the Columbus Blue Jackets game. This special opportunity is for ALL friends of the GVWC. If you are a reading this newsletter, that means you. See below for details and a link to purchasing tickets.

In the newsletter this week:

  • This Saturday Night, January 18 | Walk Night with the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 19 Top Health Tips from Podcasts in 2019
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Five Ways to Calm Down
  • This Is What a Heart Attack Feels Like
  • What’s Your “Ageotype”?
  • “Walking into the New Year” featuring LarryWalksFast | January 8 Webinar
  • GVWC “After the Holidays” Party | January 25, 2020

This Saturday – January 18 – “Walk Night” at the Columbus Blue Jackets

There is still time to join us! This Saturday, the GVWC has partnered with the Columbus Blue Jackets to offer GVWC members and friends a super-cool and unique experience. Join us on Saturday, January 18 for Walk Night at Nationwide Arena in advance of the game against the New Jersey Devils. Please plan to meet at 5:15pm at the Big Lots Box Office (Corner of Nationwide/McConnell, next to Tim Hortons). Ask for Mark from the Blue Jackets!  (Can’t find us – call my cell 614 314-7798). Mark will provide a guided walking tour, as we go through the Arena (Event Level/Lexus Lounge, Main Concourse, Club, Suite, and Upper Concourse). As a part of this deal, in addition to special pricing, each ticket comes with a CBJ drawstring bag or a CBJ water bottle. You can purchase tickets here. THIS SPECIAL EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL. IF YOU’RE READING THIS EMAIL, YOU ARE INVITED. We hope you’ll join us!

19 Top Health Tips from Podcasts in 2019

Here is an article from the mgbHealth blog with an article compiling 19 of their best podcasts (with links) with health tips for this past year. The podcasts cover topics from brain and mental well-being, to relationships and healing our bodies.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are 5 Ways to Calm Down

Stress, particularly long term stress, can cause damage to the body. People handle stress in different ways, but here are five ideas from the Verywellmind blog to help you quickly settle yourself down from a stressful situation. One of those ways involves taking a walk. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say, “Walk it off.”

This Is What a Heart Attack Feels Like

Yikes! This Is What a Heart Attack Feels Like. From ‘indigestion’ to a ‘pulled muscle,’ survivors share very different experiences.

What’s Your “Ageotype”?

Scientists now say there are at least 4 different ways of aging. They found people tend to fall into one of four biological aging pathways, or ageotypes: immune, kidney, liver or metabolic. And these ageotypes might explain why different people have different health outcomes—and these ageotypes might give suggestions of what to do about it. For instance, metabolic agers, may be at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes as they grow older. Immune agers may generate more inflammation, and therefore be at higher risk for immune-related disease. It could be that liver and kidney ageotypes may be more prone to liver or kidney diseases, respectively. There are likely other pathways, such as cardio agers who may be more prone to heart attacks, for example, but this study was limited to four main aging pathways. Can you pick an ageotype? What’s the one that keeps me looking and feeling young the longest??

Rerun of “Walking into the New Year” featuring Larry | From January 8 Webinar

You can hear last week’s webinar presented by America Walks, and featuring our very own, Larry Smith, aka LarryWalksFast. Larry was one of the panelists on the topic of “Walking Into The New Year.” As you know, we at the GVWC believe that walking is a great way to change the health and wellness of an individual and a community with a single step. This webinar explored programs and partnerships that help get community members moving and improving the physical, mental, and social well-being of all. Also a panelist was Dr. David Sabgir, the founder of Walk With a Doc. Larry is the first panelist and his presentation is about 18 minutes. As added incentive, you may see yourself in some of the photos featured in his presentation. Check it out!

GVWC “After the Holidays” Party – January 25, 2020

The GVWC “After the Holidays” Party will be held Saturday morning, 9:30am, January 25 at Valter’s at the Männerchor. There will be no walk that day. At the brunch, we will enjoy many of Valter’s favorite dishes. Every member is welcomed to bring a guest. The cost is $10 per person. Please RSVP by January 18 to germanvillagewalkingclub@gmail.com, and either mail a check—made out to the GVWC—to 41 W. Frankfort Street, Columbus, Ohio 43206. Or pay be Paypal via the “Contact Us” page of at our website. Looking forward to celebrating with you all!

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all this Saturday. Until then, whatever you do, finish strong!



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