GVWC Weekly Newsletter | February 11, 2020


Finally! We got some snow on Saturday. I had almost forgotten it was winter. It was a nice morning for a walk, but we did encounter a little ice along the way. As a reminder, we all need to be prudent about staying aware of pavement conditions while walking – which is discussed in one of the articles below.

In the newsletter this week:

  • Embrace Age
  • Snow and Ice
  • Setting up your kitchen for success
  • Training for a marathon slows cardiovascular aging

Embrace Age

Studies show that people who embrace getting older live longer. It is the power of positivity. The study shows that you can live 11 to 15% longer—and are likely to live to age 85 and older. Here is an article from the Verywellmind blog with the details and recommendations for improving the act of positive thinking. One suggestion is to hang with other positive-thinking people. I think we at the GVWC are positive thinkers and we naturally help each other out with the positive mindset.

Snow and Ice

During the winter, we cancel our walks if road conditions are slippery or icy. Sometimes it is very clear when to cancel. Other times, it’s not as straight forward, like this past Saturday. The pavement on our walk was mostly clear. However, the few areas that had some ice (primarily from runoff) made paths and sidewalks particularly treacherous. During sub-freezing temperatures, we must be more careful while walking. Pay attention to the pavement conditions, slow the pace, and adjust our gate to keep our feet underneath us and spread a little wider. Here is an article from RunnersWorld with recommendations for running in the snow and ice.

Setting up your kitchen for success

While dining out every so often is a treat, I believe there’s something about homecooked meals that makes them extra delicious. Turns out, research consistently shows that cooking at home improves the quality of our diets by steering us away from carbohydrates, sugar and fat. Check out this helpful article on How To Set Up Your Kitchen For Success. I’m lucky. Mrs. WalksFast likes to cook, so I’m the beneficiary of her homecooked meals. (Yes, I am shamelessly sucking up to her.)

Training for a marathon slows cardiovascular aging

Considering your first marathon? Thinking about your next marathon? You may find inspiration from this article Ready For Your First Marathon? Training Can Cut Years Off Your Cardiovascular Age. A slow and steady six-month training program designed to gradually build up endurance and mileage gave a group of novice runners, ages 21 to 69, an impressive boost to their heart health. Indeed, the study found that scientists can reverse the processes of aging that occur in the blood vessels. Yeah, and you thought a marathon will kill you. Turns out it can help you live longer!

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all this Saturday. Until then, whatever you do, finish strong!



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