GVWC Weekly Newsletter | February 18, 2020


You know the old joke about Columbus weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute. It will change. And the weather lately is all over the place. You just have to adapt and dress for the conditions not the calendar. Good thing we know how to dress at the GVWC to work in our Saturday morning walks. Keep it going, everyone. We are more than half-way through February—even with that extra day tossed in this year!

In the newsletter this week:

  • Six Exercises – Full Body Workout
  • More Time Efficient Multi-Muscle Group Exercises
  • The Health Benefits of Massage
  • 6 Brilliant Diet Swaps
  • Webinar | “Walkability at the Ballot Box”

Check out our friend, Diedre Allen, getting after it on her walking/hiking workout in her new town of Las Vegas. That bright blue sky looks amazing. Diedre, we miss you. Thanks for keeping the GVWC spirit out west!

Diedre in LV 2-15-20

Six Exercises – Full Body Workout

Check out this full body workout of six exercises which can be accomplished just using simple home-gym equipment. It includes three of my favorites: pull ups, box jumps, and the plank. I usually do them on Wednesdays for a quick 15-minute workout using high intensity interval training (HIIT). I set up 15 bodyweight exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest, then onto the next exercise.

More Time Efficient Multi-Muscle Group Exercises

Here are more body weight exercises from the Verywellfit blog that work multiple muscle groups at once giving you more bang for your buck when working to improve your strength. These 12 different exercises give you more options to incorporate into a bodyweight exercise routine. Mix and match, change it up. These workouts are great for those stay-in wintery days.

The Health Benefits of Massage

Not always, but sometimes, when we’re lucky, the stuff we want to do is the same as the stuff that’s good for us. Such is the case for massage therapy. In addition to relieving stress (and just pampering yourself), there are real Health Benefits of Massage. Indeed, “many doctors are including it in their complementary therapy plans. Some insurance companies have even added massage therapy to their coverage for various conditions.” Hmm, I need to get me some of that insurance.

6 Brilliant Diet Swaps

If you’re looking to lose weight or you’re ready to eat healthier there are a few smart food trades you can adopt that will give you a whole new approach to eating. For instance, instead of sour cream on your tacos, try Greek yogurt. Instead of snacking on pretzels, try popcorn. Instead of mayo on your turkey club, try mustard. All of these are excellent new habits to incorporate into your new approach to healthy eating.

Webinar | “Walkability at the Ballot Box”

Are you interested in walking the talk right to the ballot box? Then you may want to participate in an upcoming webinar “Walkability at the Ballot Box” (March 11, 2020 at 2pm) presented by America Walk. “It’s an election year, so it’s especially important that our elected officials and decision-makers are educated about issues that are important to our families and communities.” More details and to register here.  This webinar is intended for those just starting out on the walking path as well as those interested in learning more about ways to engage with candidates and local officials to prioritize walkability initiatives.

Route of the Week

This week’s route can be found here.

Motivation of the Week


Finishing Line

I hope to catch you all this Saturday. Until then, whatever you do, finish strong!



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